Happy New Year

Hello yall. As usual I have been MIA for a little while…my life have been so busy the ending of 2019 that I just could not focus on writing. I have also been thinking of going into another direction with the blog. Carnival costumes have not really been speaking to me, so I am choosing not to feature them for 2020 on the blog….I might drop a few that catch my eye of the FB or IG page but I am slowly backing away from it for the blog. So stay tuned to see more of other ramblings.

I hope all is well with everyone and the new year is starting out fine even if today is just the 2nd day.

I came across this pic and I felt this was a good motivation for everyone:

As always stay well and share my page to your friends and if you are not doing so already follow my IG


Meli Mel

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