Happy New Year

Hello and a happy and blessed New Year Year to all…

By now everyone should have gotten over the New Year jitters of putting together their resolutions or their goals, right….for me I don’t make resolutions but I do try to put together some attainable goals.

My one and only 2018 goal is to get out of credit card debt.  This is me in cartoon lol, the burden of credit card debt can be truly weary and I intend on cutting down these shackles.

I entered 2018 with 3 credit cards paid off and a million left to go…I am determined to let it all be gone by 2018 or at least the majority of them.  I am currently using the debt snowball method by Dave Ramsey.  In this method, you pay off the smaller balance first then move on to the next, after you have paid the smaller debt, the money you would have initially been paying on the smaller debt you roll it into the next one.  

So what are your goals or resolutions for 2018?


Meli Mel

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