Giving Back

This weekend I read a very uplifting story on entitled Childhood Donation.  The kids of the Early Childhood Services Unit collected over three thousand dollars to give to the Child Development and Guidance Centre.  The Child Development and Guidance Centre is located in La Pansee, Castries, St. Lucia and is run by a former schoolmate, Dr. Kim Gardner.

These kids with the help of their parents donated one dollar each to such a worthy cause and it made me realize how giving back is so important.  The story was even more touching to me due to the fact that it was kids doing this.

Sometime last year, I was looking into a similar initiative but received all the information I needed too late for me to do anything and with such a busy life, I completely forgot about it until this story came into light.

I believe in giving back, we may not be rich or super-rich and giving back does not mean that we have to give everything we have but a little goes a long way.  Some people maybe reading this and thinking, “So what will I get in return?”  Giving back doesn’t mean that you don’t get something in return.  Helping others reach for a new day is very uplifting to the spirit.  It gives one a sense of meaning and makes you feel useful.

This is the link of the article that inspired me even more, maybe you can be inspired too especially after watching the video for the first few seconds.

Think about it and see what can you do in your community/a family or in your old school, a little goes a long way!



We love doing these kinds of stories. They are a welcome break from the usual stuff found in the news.


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