Cherishing and Documenting Memories

I have always had albums growing up but with technology changing, people no longer have physical albums or even develop films as much as they used to back in the day.  Instead you can get some digital frames or people store their memories on their computer or social networks or it just stays on their camera.

I love documenting important moments in my life, so I still send pictures to Walgreens to develop.  When I transfer pictures from my phone onto my computer, I have my “For Walgreens” folder putting corny pictures or good and ugly pictures so that I can put into my kid’s scrapbooks.  I started scrapping when my eldest was like 4 years old and I have continued the tradition with them all.  Presently I am working on 5 different scrapbook albums; one for each kid, one of my husband and I and one for the family. (Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands at times).

I also bought 3 binders and sheet protectors and put all their certificates/awards, report cards, bad notes, good notes, whatever I get from their school, I place it in their binders.  This has come in handy when my oldest changed school and we were disputing a class that she had already taken and somehow they didn’t enter her last grades into that school system.  She told the teacher, “hold up my mummy has all my report cards in a binder and also arranged chronologically, and I can prove that I did that class”.

I take pleasure in creating those memories for them and storing it.  Some reasons I chose to do this, was personally I do not know where none of my elementary report cards are and I want them to grow up seeing how things have changed and also to laugh at some comments their teachers made if they got bad notes sent home.

These are the memories we want to cherish, the good and the bad, the school days, the fun days, our normal day life that we may sometimes forget.

A little sneak peak of their binders, I decorated the outside of each of them:

I will be posting some more on scrapbooking at a later date.  I was just telling my husband, that I need a room and not just a corner.  I have accumulated so many things for when I am scrapping that I am running out of space 🙁


This is a great idea. You have just given me some inspiration, as it seems like my two year old is growing so fast before my eyes. I would love to capture an record those moments with him and our family.


Great idea Mel esp bout the school rpt cards etc. Will definitely adopt this one. Looking forward to ur next post. One Love sis. Stay Blessed 🙂


I hate clutter so I tend to throw things away before I think about doing anything meaningful like scrap-booking with them!!! *sigh* I’m trying though, I’ve started with a big brown envelope to store stuff out of sight, that way I won’t be tempted to throw!!!!


One day just start the binder and put it in. So as soon as a report card u put it away one time. It gets overwhelming when u let it gather and then trying to put it in order 🙂


You know how many times I’ve gone back and looked at the Memory book my started making when I was a child? She kinda peettered out once I hit Junior High when she started working, but it is a great source of forgotten memories/dreams/hopes that I had as a youngster.
I have a friend who uses today’s technology in the best way – he created a blog for his one and only son and posts on it each day so his boy will have a record of Dad’s daily thoughts on raising him. I love things on paper but seeing his posts each day, even if its only a brief note makes me feel to cry sometimes. The effort alone shows a child how much he/she is loved and cherished.
So capturing memories in any form is a labour of love. Good show Mel!


My oldest appreciates it more since she is of that age to understand…but she goes oh mummy u even kept the bad notes from my teachers too..I say yes, we doing bad and good not just good. The bad will make you laugh later down the road. Thanks Cookie Girl, lol…SN: you know I will forever call you Cookie Girl right, lol


Oh great a new nickname! Just what I need! lmao!
I agree with keeping the good and the bad. Makes her see how she has grown and evolved with the passing of time.


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