Freaks Mas presents Revivre for Miami Carnival 2021

June 26, 2021

These bands not playing this year with these costumes.  Freaks Mas say they have been waiting all year for this and they have delivered with their many sections

Take a look at some of their offerings for this year’s festivities (visit their website or for sections; link is below).

Liv Carnival
Liv Carnival
Éveillé (Marketed by Luxe Carnival)
Éveillé (Marketed by Luxe Carnival)
Revelation (Marketed by Canboulay Mas)
Revelation (Marketed by Canboulay Mas)
Phoenix (Marketed by Lvst Carnival)

These are just a few that caught my eye, there are so many different choices on their website and their IG page.

To see more and get registration information, visit their IG page Freaks Mas IG or their website Freaksmas

As always party responsibly and remember to wash your hands!


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