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Some people have said that FB is the devil, granted sometimes I say it myself too, but FB has given me an outlet to meet and reconcile with long lost friends and unknown relatives.  This feature today is on my good friend Melanie Rosemin from Primary School days that I reconciled with through FB who currently resides in the Atlanta area.  She is a natural beauty and also does natural hair.  Her business is called Lucian Locs.

ML: Tell me about Lucian Locs?

LL:  Lucian Locs is a pioneer in the natural hair community. We specialize in protective and funky styles as well as promoting healthy hair growth.

ML: How long have you been doing hair?

LL: I have been doing hair ever since I was a young child as early as 9 years old. It runs in the family, my mother is also a natural hair stylist, and doing hair is always something that’s always come natural to me.  It is definitely a gift from God. 

ML:  Do you do only natural hair?

LL: I only do natural hair because it is very challenging as it is rewarding, there is so much to natural hair and there are countless ways to wear it! 

ML:  What has been the most satisfying part of your job?

LL: The most satisfying thing about what I do is meeting wonderful people. I have been blessed with clients that I can also call friends. They give me the freedom to be creative and I love seeing the looks on their faces when they are done. It’s the most rewarding feeling.

ML: How do you manage your beautiful hair?

LL: I manage my hair by keeping it moisturized every other day with shea butter after a light water mist. I also oil my scalp 2-3 times a week with Jamaican black castor oil. I faithfully deep condition once a month and do protein treatments every six weeks. 

ML:  What do you love the most about being natural?

LL: What I love the most about being natural is having big hair lol. I enjoy the diversity of natural hair as well, you really have the best of all worlds with natural hair, you name it we can do it…..straight, curly, braided, twisted… and the list goes on

ML: What are some of your favorite hair products?

LL: My favorite product to use is shea butter. It has so many great uses. I mix mine with some essential oils like jasmine, lavender and rosemary. I also like coconut oil and jojoba oil. I try to keep my product list as natural and simple as possible. I was a product junkie when I first went natural but find that these products mentioned works best for me.

ML: How can people get in contact with you to make an appointment to get their hair done?

LL: The best way to reach me is through Facebook www.facebook.com/lucianlocs or email @ lucianlocs@yahoo.com



A Photo-collage of her work:

The Beautiful Melanie Rosemin/Lucian Locs

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