Trip to Legoland

Hey all, hope everyone have been having a wonderful summer.

Our summer is starting out pretty good, last weekend the family and I went to Legoland for my son’s birthday.  It definitely was the wrong time of the year to go there; we experienced 3 digits temperature.  All I wanted to do was stand under the cooling zones and stay in the water park although I didn’t want to get wet in the park because I had the baby.

The lines were not very long when we arrived at the park so that was a good thing for us all (compared to when we went to Disney, earlier in the year).  Lego’s are my son favorite toys so he was very excited to be there and wanted to touch and play with everything.  Even the baby looked happy to be there, although he was very hot, he loves being outside.  We covered him up with sun-screen and left him bare-back.

Inside the park was also a botanical garden, that although we all wanted to stay in it for a bit longer, I am not a fan of nature. Nature has snakes and lizards, so ummmmm we walked through the botanical gardens very quickly, but not without my son scaring the living daylights out of me.  He is a prankster, so I am walk at a pace in front of him pushing the stroller, he throws a rock into the bushes near me….my head turned so quickly while my body was looking to fly..he lucky it was his birthday weekend.

Here are some photos:


















All these were made with Legos and were the exact replica of the places they represented.  This was a very nice trip but I would most definitely not do it during summer again.

Stay hydrated folks and enjoy your summer.  Oh don’t forget to get these kids minds active during the summer.  The kids have been doing an hour of Khan’s Academy a day.  No time for the brains to relax and let them forget school, lol.


Meli Mel

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