The no-name post

I have come to the realization that some women are very miserable creatures.  They troll the internet just to look for “roro” and really do not contribute anything to this world really…just a set of mean-spiritedness (if dais not a word, then I made it a word).

Please take your time and mind your household, stop minding other people business or being petty on the internet.  The internet now making too much people brave and thinking they are bad.  If you are on someone’s social media page, say something good or say nothing at all….don’t just comment when you think the person is being dissed and laugh…so what is your contribution to this post…a like? no like? but you in here like a damn Cheshire cat skinning up your teet.

Oh another thing, those that thinking in this day and age people can’t trace IP addresses…you say somebody is your friend but you start a fake email address harassing this person and supposedly want to meet up with them to beat them up but you the fake person never show up…where dey do dat at?  Like seriously…but you and this person still friends and you skinning up in their face like the damn Cheshire cat you are….lawd if was me eh…..duppy does know who fi frighten in trute.

Oh women, stop making men breed y’all and don’t marry y’all…if he can breed you he can marry you…Now I know marriage is not for everybody but if you in a situation where you need to get dem papers, stop making that man breed you, demand your papers instead of a baby.  Let’s just say God forbid something happen to him, what happens to you and the kids then; yall go start a GoFundMe page! Doh get me started on that mess either cause I real say I go want to start one too for a trip to St. Lucia for carnival cause AA prices steep eh :).  Think about it on that line though girlfriend(s), we are in a changing world, you have to look out for yourself and your future.  Let’s imagine if Trump wins and de madness take him, what you going to do?

Now for these other women that get married and then change cause they think oh they get married and they better than other people…we all sin different but hear that uh, we all sinning…you walking around like your pokie don’t stink (dais my husband favorite phrase) but ummmm girl you and I know better…so calm your tail down and stop thinking you better than errbody cause u is married now okay!

Then the other women that think everybody talking about dem or paying them any mind….girl ent nobody minding you and your dirty ways….stop it….every other post oh someone hating on me, someone have an issue with me….child go sit dong…nobody minding you….if you want to lick pokie, or you want to take toetee, it’s all good….we don’t care, we still like you either which way….just move on and please stop with the hating word.

I think my rant is over, I may have another rant on the useless men out there too but who knows…I am known to be a just-so kinda person so you never know when I can be ranting again….but trust me, this observation is not mine alone and it has been a long time coming…

Oh I have another one before I end the post….so de man supposedly leave his wife but he horning you too….woy soaps….lemme end my post on this note eh!


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