Taboo Carnival


Taboo Carnival Presents Quest for Avifauna for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

St. Lucia Carnival bands have surely been doing their homework and stepping up their game when it comes to launchings.  Tonight Taboo Carnival Band had their launching and although they suffered some technical difficulties with shitty a$$ Flow, from what I saw I must say they have improved drastically from (and this is my opinion, so if you doh like it toff) that disaster they had last year.   Looks like it was pre-recorded footage of the models and various members…

Taboo Carnival Costumes 2016

The few that caught my eye......too much to see... Check out their Facebook Page to see more: Taboo Carnival My favs are The Adventurers, Libra Female Vip, Wishful Doers Female VIP + I am kinda partial to Scorpio because it is my sign, but it doesn't wow me. xoxoxo Meli Mel