Lupus Awareness Month


Lupus Awareness Day 2019

This post is for everyone who suffers from this disease but most importantly for the few women I have in my life that embodies the word WARRIOR!  They have and are still fighting LUPUS and through God's grace I know that they will persevere. Read more about some of my warriors here: xoxoxo Meli Mel

Belinda Labranche: Fighting and treading along the Lupus Battle

The one common theme that I found in doing these interviews from my Lupies were LIVE YOUR LIFE...everyone have setbacks and they all know to dust themselves up and continue kicking Lupus in it's butt...I believe we all have to fight to live and to live the best life that we could.  Meet another Lupus Warrior who despite it all is still fighting and persevering. When and how did you find out you had lupus? I found out I had…