Happy Mother’s Day

I will be honest and mention to you all that I don’t really make a fuss about Mother’s Day. In my opinion, every day should be Mother’s Day and we don’t need one day to make it be about moms. Today we will see all the posts about mom, mummy, mama, queen, and then tomorrow […]

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Even if it is for a day or two, I had to pay tribute to Cinco de Mayo. While I’m here paying tribute, did you know that wearing mustaches, sombreros, and ponchos on Cinco de Mayo are racist stereotypical representations of Mexican culture? So please don’t do it. Just go hang out and support a Mexican […]

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Mardi Gras Tree

Can you believe we are already in March? We are starting out the month with a very simple Mardi Gras look. All decorations were bought from The Dollar Tree….I will not start on this price increase of de Dollar Tree eh. Click Here to see the video of the look As always, don’t forget to […]

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