Featured Artist: Sedale

I had the pleasure of speaking to Sedale for this feature.  After the interview, all I thought was wow, what an intelligent and well-spoken young man with a deep love for his country and for his music.   ML: Tell us about Sedale, when did you enter the musical field? SS: I graduated from St. Mary's College, then moved to the US to further my education.  While studying Business Administration at Medgar's Evers College I was reunited with some old classmates…

Red Unlimited 2016 Carnival Costumes

Last night Red Unlimited had their official band launching.  Here are the unofficial pics of the costumes and ladies yall better get yall gym on...skimpiness alone oui. Athens Arcadia Thebes (this is nice but if you have a big hmmmmm what dat covering also ladies remember to get a good shave oui) Sparta Persia (Female costume is so plain doh...the male have more hoopla oui) Persia Tuesday Wear Olympia Greece Dephli (This costume looks so familiar, I just can't put…

Legends Carnival Band Costumes

Legends carnival band revealed their costumes tonight. Here are some sneak pics, more details can be seen on their website. I liking the purple without that thing on my face though but it need more fedders. The silver is also very beautiful, looks sheer so ummmm yeah. Check our their website for more pics xoxoxo Meli Mel

Legends Carnival Band Teaser

I was just speaking to someone about the future of St. Lucia Carnival and saying I hope is not only Just4Fun that go be the future of St. Lucia carnival and came across the band Legends.  Legends came to the St. Lucia Carnival scene in 2014 with a dedication to Desmond McNamara, then in 2015 their portrayal was Rebellion.  Although no date have been released for their 2016 launching, they have released a little teaser to keep the people in…