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Toxik Carnival Band 2016 Costumes

Carnival in de air boy.... Toxik had their launch yesterday April 17th with their theme being The Uprising.  Here are a few of their pics of the costumes: Rebirth (VIP) Breaking Dawn Defiance Resurrection The Uprising Check out their Facebook page for more detailed pictures and to get information on registration and pricing details. Toxik Carnival Facebook xoxoxo Meli Mel

Royalites Xtreme Carnival Band Costumes 2016

Royalites Xtreme Carnival band presents "Heroes or Villains". The band recently had a photo-shoot done by A.C.I.D Kreationz and here are some of their costumes: (Love these colors, color combo is a bit familiar but still love it) (Love this shot) From what I see on their Facebook page, the prices are not bad at fact pretty impressive prices compared to other bands. Check out their Facebook page for more info and some more professional pics can be seen here xoxoxo…