Insaniti Carnival Band Prices for 2016

The wait is finally over....Insaniti has released their costume prices...not bad at all. For my non-Caribbean revelers based in US the prices are all in EC dollars.  Contact the band to give you the USD price if interested...(I do my own conversion;  $2.67 EC = 1 US Dollar; eg. $1350/2.67 = $505 US. So get in line people and start registering. Here are a few of their links: Insaniti Facebook Insaniti Instagram   xoxoxo Meli Mel

Insaniti Carnival Band Launch 2016

Insaniti will have their official band launch on Saturday April 16th and the best thing is that it is FREE. They also showed a sneak peek of 3 of the costumes on their facebook page: Stay tuned to their page for more information Insaniti Facebook. xoxoxo Meli Mel