SOLEIL – St. Lucia Summer Festival 2017

In as much as I love my country of birth, I don’t know what to think of this concept…but you want to know what I think?

If the government want to bring more people to the country, how about working out some deals with the airlines that would lower ticket prices, how about enticing more airlines to come to the country!

Now back to this summer festival….Fetes from carnival really starts swinging in June if not earlier…do you think that is a good move to have some Roots and Soul event in June while carnival preparations going on there too…the artistes coming out with music then and we want to push out our artistes music not promote some roots and soul baytease (I love Roots and Soul, but if it interfering with my carnival, then it is deemed to be baytease eh).

But I wish whoever put this together the best and hope it all works out, but in the meantime can de PM/Government do something about them ticket prices and don’t say you have no control, I KNOW YOU DO!

What are yall thoughts on this Summer Festival?


Meli Mel

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