Small Changes

One year ago, a group of school sisters were brought together after many years from sad news but have since formed many happy bonds.  We have since branched off from the main group and formed a not for profit organization called Small Changes.  Small Changes founding members are from the 1993 graduating class of the St. Joseph’s Convent and the general objective is to assist charities or individuals with their needs in an effort to make a “Small Change” in the quality of their life. One of our good deeds was to donate to our Alma Mater and we are hoping for this to be continuous.

Our biggest deed thus far was to provide school supplies to needy kids, we started out very small with this project but we are hoping in the coming years to be bigger and be able to reach many more students. We do hope that the little that we are doing really makes a small change in each of the lives that we touch.

We are also open to sponsorship and if anyone is interested in sponsoring, the group can be contacted at


Meli Mel

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