Returning to Natural Nails After Gel Powder Overlay

Over the past few months, I have been getting my nails done with gel powder and recently I decided to give my nails a break and take them off.  Let me just say that if I wasn’t a strong individual I would tell the technician just put it back.  My nails were and are still in a mess!

So I sat in this guy chair and said I want to soak them off, he goes why, I said I need to give my nails a break.  So just give me a regular manicure, of course he trying to sell me on something else.  Oh you can do the gel polish manicure instead of just the polish (of course, I know partner looking for he pockets instead of my well-being).  So I said no thanks, just soak off and do regular manicure.  I think he was a bit offended but I didn’t give 2 hoots.

Now he kind of at this point irritated me, because if I ask you for a soak off, why you coming to pry the overlay off my nails.  After I winced he decided oh that wasn’t the best technique because my nails were weak…no shit Sherlock…that is why I am soaking it off.  Here are some pics of my nails after the soak off and the removing of the excess overlay:



Yall see that mess…my nails are brittle, soft, yucky, disgusting….I was like just cut it off and drop some polish on that please.  The guy then said that it was too weak to even put polish on it and it makes me wonder then what is in the polish that will make it worse…hmmm.

He applied this to my nails which he said is a strengthener:


I just bought 1 from Amazon Strengthener Quimica Alemana Bottle Polish Treatment Salon Nail Hardener along with this Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil, 0.45 Fluid Ounce to help me grow and strengthen my nails.  If I do put polish, it will be by myself or if I want to look fancy, I will put some press-on like my chica in St. Lucia did (Van 🙂 hehehe, no names mentioned) and just walk with my glue or extra just in case one pop off 🙂 🙂

I have a short video of how easy my nails bend and to show some weakness.  I have since cut my nails shorter than the above pictures because they were very annoying while I was doing housework or just putting on clothes:


Here are some steps to take for Natural Healthy Nails:

  • Weekly manicures: If you don’t want the added expense, do it at home by simply filling a bowl with warm water, and allowing fingers and cuticles to soak for at least 10 minutes per hand. Massage each hand after or get some boo time by having him/her massage each hand. The weekly manicures helps to stimulate the circulation of the nail bed, promoting its growth.
  • Use cuticle oil: Cuticle oil, such as vitamin E or olive oil, should be applied during the massage. The essential vitamins found in these natural oils will help promote healthy nail growth.
  • Trim nails: Once the nails begin to grow, trim them.  I know you may want to get length, but it is more important to have good nail health and thick nails.  As nails begin to grow, keep them trimmed. Don’t be in a hurry to let your natural nail gain length; instead, make overall nail health and thickness your goal.
  • Apply strengthening products: Many nail care base coats have strengthening and stimulating properties. Find a base coat that will help strengthen the nail bed and apply the product every three days if needed.
  • Ridge fillers:Ridge fillers work wonders for covering up the unsightly torn and jagged ridges that may remain on the nail bed after artificial nail removal. Apply a ridge filler directly under your nail polish layer.
  • Avoid color: Although you can still paint your nails as desired, the less exposure to chemicals the better for your nails as they rebuild their strength. If you must wear nail polish, try alternating one week one, one week off. (Ahhh, now I see why my nail tech didn’t want to put polish) 

I hope this helps someone out there and as much as the acrylic or gel look nice on our nails, as you can see from above that is the damage that it is doing to our nails.  Personally I rather healthy natural nails instead of pretty gel or acrylic nails.


Meli Mel


Ouch! Good luck with your nail recovery journey. It can be disheartening at times and great tips on getting them on form.


Thanks for stopping by Majean. Thanks so much, I am really trying to not run to the nearest nail shop lol.


I l’ve stopped using nail polishes for so long because of the damaging they did to my nails. I’ll go for a non toxic, natural brand if I want to feel prettier once in a while! ? Thanks for your post! ?


Thanks for stopping by Molly. I am now looking into natural brands for the occasional use.


Thanks for stopping by Lisa.


Thanks for the tips for healthy nails. I love natural products and try to use them.


Nupur, thanks for stopping by, I will be using more natural products from now on.


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