Professional Pics of Royalites Xtreme 2017 for St. Lucia Carnival

April 30, 2017

All I can say is wow!  Royalites Xtreme have certainly stepped up their game from inception to now. I am very much impressed with the costumes, just wished that they would launch earlier like the other bands to maximize on their numbers and really give people more options in regards to choosing a band.

Here are better pics of the costumes than the ones originally posted.

I love this and the color combo is beautiful

Love the color combo on this one too

(doh like the leg just screams an effed up tan for me, but to each it’s own)

Love these shorts for the men…

You can visit their FB for more information on registering: RoyalitesXtreme Facebook

I wish Royalites Xtreme the best for Carnival 2017 and I love to see the improvements with the costumes…definitely moving on up.


Meli Mel


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