Party-Room Squad for Miami Carnival 2022

I took a break from blogging about carnival bands but came across some costumes from Party Room Squad that totally floored me. If there was ever a prize to give for the most improved band or a prize for that glow-up band, I would give it to Party Room Squad…babbyyy, let me tell you. Years ago, you wouldn’t catch me dead in a Party Room Squad costume (no offense PRS, eh) but these three costumes have me like ok PRS, I see you.


Designer: Alejandro Gomez IG: Alejandro_x_alejandro


Designer: Alejandro Gomez IG: Alejandro_x_alejandro

The Lost Queen

Designer: Richard Dookhdeen IG: richde.d

Section Owner: Islandbuzzclt

Now PRS ah rooting for you eh, doh let me see you in a Follow Soca Miami Carnival SVU eh 🀣

There are more costumes if you are interested in playing mas with PRS, but these 3 just wowed me.

Check out their IG here: Party Room Squad for more information.

Disclaimer: I ent affiliated with no carnival bands nor Miami Carnival, ah just posting what I see I like and when I have the time to do it🀣


Meli Mel

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