No More Red Unlimited Carnival Band for St. Lucia Carnival

January 30, 2017


The Sun Sets on Red Unlimited Carnival Band

Following twelve (12) years of revelry Red Unlimited Carnival Band has decided to exit the Saint Lucia Carnival stage in 2017. The band is extremely proud to say that as the sun sets on Red Unlimited Carnival Band it rises on new and exciting options for members of the Red family. Insanity, Legends, Dynasty powered by Asari, and Fuzion Mas all have their roots in Red. They no doubt will continue to REDifine Carnival. We are comforted that our revelers have many exciting options and we look forward to the continued evolution of Red Carnival.

“The decision was not an easy one to make” says Thaddeus M. Antoine, Director of Red Unlimited. ‘It meant a reluctant admission of the reality that we were no longer able to play as hard as we work. Our transition started in 2015 when the band was under the leadership of a younger more energetic team which crystallised in 2016 with a new moniker Red Rebellion. That marked a changing of guards from the old to the new, a transition that was necessary and in keeping with the ethos of the band”.

Red Unlimited was built on innovation and creativity. The band claims the introduction of many of the aspects of carnival which are an enjoyable staple in Lucian Carnival today. Fete after fete after fete, the mobile food cart with non-stop food, cool down water zone, foam on the Road, Confetti, 1500 revellers with the sexiest of costumes, a movement that was focused on providing the ultimate revellers experience; a true party band are just some of the creations of Red Unlimited.

Director of Carnival, Gabriel Teddy Francis, who was then the Executive Director of the Cultural Development Foundation, managing Carnival in 2005 recalled, that “Red brought excitement to Lucian Carnival, there was regional and international intrigue, as we finally had a product to sell to the world. The bands at the time had all together about 1500 revellers and here was RED on debut having some 600 revellers, which multiplied in no time.”

As the directors of Red Unlimited move on, they acknowledge that nothing could have been possible without the Red Family. Red Unlimited would like to thank the founders of Red International, the originators of ‘Revellers with Energy to Dazzle’. Red Unlimited would also like to thank every single member of Team Red, past and present. We cannot forget our sponsors, such as Digicel, Windward and Leeward Brewery, St. Lucia Distillers, Blue Waters, Du Boulay Bottling, Peter and Co, Radio Caribbean International and many more, some of whom have been with us from inception. Not forgetting the Red Dj’s who evolved under RED, such as Sir Lancealot, Levi Chin and later Hyper D, all anchored by the General Iwa, Spectacle and DYP Band.

Most of all Red Unlimited wants to thank its revellers, the Red Army who stuck with the band through thick and thin. “As we exit stage left, we wish all the carnival bands best of luck for Lucian Carnival 2017 – meet you on de road…”


I played mas with Red once in 2010 and it was a very nice experience.  My decision to not play with them again was because all my friends were in another band and I didn’t want to be alone.  It was great while it lasted Red!


Meli Mel

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