National Napping Day

So today was or is National Napping Day and guess what I did when I came from work….yup…you guessed it.  I took a nice nap and lawdie it was much needed.  Of course I got up to a lot of missed calls and texts but guess who didn’t hear any of that.

Do you know that taking a short nap of 15-30 minutes can help to improve your mood, performance and let you be more alert.  On my lunch break I usually take a 15-30 minute nap and I always get up feeling refreshed although sometimes I wish that I was in my bed.  I personally feel employees need to take some breaks and take little naps so that they can be more focused. 

If you are taking a nap at work, turn off any distractions, drop that chair down, lean back or put your head on your desk and get to snoozing.  Hopefully you are not a snorer, lol! If you are at home and napping during the day, don’t lie on your bed, it is a trap and you will never get up; your body is fooled into thinking you are done for the day.  Instead take a nap on the couch, hopefully you don’t have a toddler telling you “Mummy get up, it’s morning time” (daylight is morning time for mine, smh) 

Although United States celebrated today as Napping Day, everyday is Napping Day for me and my coworkers know that when it comes to my naps, that I don’t play and know to not disturb me at all.

Happy Napping Day to you all that celebrated even if I am late in posting!


Meli Mel

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