My first DIY loc knots

Sometimes I wish I was adventurous to try different things with my hair, but I am plain Jane when it comes to my hair…it is either up or down, straight or curly and most times down because I don’t like to feel the tightness when I put it up.  Two weeks ago, I decided to try loc knots in my hair.  I had watch a few YouTube videos but they didn’t help much or I just didnt like how they were coming out; I was visiting with a cousin at my mom’s house who has locs as well and also had the loc knots in her hair, she unraveled it and showed me how she did it and I felt confident to try it at home.  Of course I got to work and everyone thought that I cut my hair… seriously y’all eh seeing that my hair is wrapped…are people that daft to natural or loc’d hair???

These are the results of my first attempt:



I kept these in for a week and let loose the following week:



I love the curls from this style, this is my best way to achieve tight curls and will definitely be doing it again. My edges are a bit frizzy because I have stopped twisting them, I just use coconut oil, water and a brush these days.  My color looks a little dull, may have to touch up soon, dreading the day though…any volunteers to come color and style for me? 🙂


Meli Mel

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