My favorite go to products

So I have decided to stop twisting my hair and just let it do it thing.  In the past I used to retwist at least every 3 weeks or so but I am finding my hairline and also some in between locs are thinning and it drives me crazy.   So I am giving this a run to see how it goes, if I don’t like it after a few months, I am taking it all out.  I will also be using some Jamaican Mango and Lime Castor Oil on the edges to see how it goes.

This post was initially to show my go to products for twisting my dreads and it ended up as I am no longer retwisting…go figure

Anyway, below are my go to products:wpid-wp-1443814132872.jpg

My favorite has been the Joie My Gel…I got it on Amazon and paid $11.99 for the 4 oz jar.   The Loc Butter by Carol’s Daughter, I also got on Amazon and paid $16.  This one is actually my least favorite because of the smell, I can’t describe the smell, but it was really strong and lingering.  The Joie also has a strong smell too like actually a fresh perm but it actually held all the loose hair and frizz real good and it lays down dem edges good too.  This will be the one that I will use even if I will not be retwisting to lay down dem nappy hair at the hairline.

If you look closely, you will see some thinning of my hairline. This pic was taken in May and the other pic is today’s pic with some growth:
So I give myself by the end of this year with free forming and absolutely no twisting; I will style and shampoo of course just no twisting especially the hair lines.

The struggle is real….

Meli Mel

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