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Hey yall,

So I have decided to start portioning my meals for work. For one it enables me to save money by not eating out if I didn’t bring anything in.  On average I would spend $20+ a day on lunch.  I am extremely and super sensitive to food so I tend to eat what I know and don’t eat fast food because let’s just say it is not pretty when I do. And two it can help me with the losing of the baby pudge.   In all my research, I have learnt that losing belly weight or weight in itself is not only about exercising but what you eat as well.

This week is my third week at my food prep and portioning.  I also want to put some exercising in there to lose some of that baby bump (dais another post in itself eh)….haven’t started out that part yet doh.

This is my first week meal:


I had 2 different rice and just used 1 cup for all portions.  One was chicken and broccoli and the other was some dirty rice mix.  The meat was chicken breast that I removed the bone and grilled it and some steam vegetables and potatoes.  For breakfast on most of the five days, I either had eggs with muffin or some light cream cheese, grapefruit and some tea (gots to have my tea).


(I didn’t use all the cream cheese seen in the picture)


Then this happened….I am weak when it comes to these man….now I have to start all over without candy being in the mix.  Tunnocks caramel is the devil eh


My in between snack after I stuffed my face with the caramel was strawberries, grapes and grapefruit (NB….for all yall so-called health fanatics that will be watching this post and go call your friends to say AA watch what she eating….leave me alone, yall do yall and I will do me…capiche)

My second week was this:


Only did 4 plates this time, didn’t eat out though, had something else from home.

1 cup mushroom rice and also rice medley.  This time I used chicken breast although I am not really a fan of it.  To cook I wrapped up the breast, mushrooms, string beans and carrot in foil and I baked it. (Honestly, can’t remember for how long doh).  Boy was I surprised at the breast, it was so moist and not dry which is why I wasn’t a fan of it.  This was a good meal week for me too.  I also had fruits and some crackers as snacks.  My breakfast is typically the same all the time.  I haven’t been that adventurous to try oatmeal or anything like that yet….baby steps for me.

The hubby did tacos at home and that was so yummy:


Chicken tacos with mushrooms, green and red peppers with onions. No dressings or toppings, not a fan of either.

My food for this week:


Now this is a first for me. Quinoa with some fish that has been sitting in my freezer for how long and some chicken from the taco’s from the previous week.  I don’t waste nothing around my house, anything that don’t get eat in 2 or 3 days, getting packed and freeze until I ready to do something else to it. My first try at Quinoa wasn’t that bad, my friend had already tell me mix it with vegetables so that I don’t hate it. I will see tomorrow with the chicken how it goes.  Oh and between all meals I have been drinking water, from after pregnancy have never been a fan of juice and of course my tea…can’t leave without my tea at all.

Now one may ask why Quinoa over brown rice, I honestly have no preference.  My daughter had Quinoa in the pantry and I didn’t want my money to waste, so I decided to use it.

Any pointers on what I should try for next week.  This food prepping ting can be a mission oui, but it really does save me from running out to a restaurant for lunch.  Also, no I am really not hungry for those who may find that the meals look small.  I snack in between and I have dinner when I get home of regular meal with the whole family and we eat healthy as well or sometimes I just do a salad and some tea.


Meli Mel


Bringing your own food to work saves lots of money. You also know what you prepare and how it was prepared. Nothing worse than buying a meal which you end up throwing away. I have been trying to get the other savage to do the same, please give her some encouragement.


And mind u this savage that tell me how to cook the quinoa eh. Btw what u mean other savage uh?


I’m with you and the tea because I have an average of 4/5 cups a day. I start my day with a cleanse though which helps with the stomach issues I developed last year. My first cleanse is apple cider vinegar in water, then I exercise after which I have another glass with some lemon followed by antioxidant green tea. After that it’s raised bran with soy mild and a banana for a snack around 10. Then I eat a yogurt followed by lunch and then some nuts. I cook my own food because of convenience (hate thinking of what to get and going to get it), it’s cheaper and I like knowing what I eat. I tend to crave all kinds of crap from 3 onwards which I’ve been indulging in from pizza to Chinese but I’m making myself eat salad instead. The water all day is really good, I don’t like juice so we Kool on that front. The meals I prepare are usually soup or provisions with fish. Your portions look good Mel and as long as you feel good, I say go for it. I too don’t waste food so I respect that too…lol. As long as my money buy it, I will eat it eh!


I have to try this ACV in water a day…heard so many people talking about it…heard it is good to wash the hair with as well. I am slowly trying to get into oats and yogurt, hate stuff like that.


Mel with regards to pointers for next week… One of my favorite meals for lunch at work is a salad and I mean a real “fill you up” salad. Of course I start with my greens (first layer) whatever you like. I love baby greens and spinach, then I build with raw veggies (second layer in a rainbow of colors) like brocolli/cauliflower, cucumber/squash, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, whatever your fancy ( and whatever is in season and on sale). My protein (third layer) is either a combination of two of the following: cheese, hard boiled eggs, chicken breast, shrimp, fish or turkey (real turkey not deli stuff). My last layer is where I add some dried fruit (cranberries, sultanas etc) or fresh fruit (mango, pineapple, grapes etc) and grains (nuts or granola). I finish with low fat dressing or a simple homemade vinegrette. You can make your salad your own by adding what YOU like and that’s what I love about it. So pile on and feel good about it. You may have a few additions I didn’t mention so feel free to share. Bon appetite!


My mouth just watered thinking of this dish…thanks Tracey, will definitely try this….never added fruits to my salad


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