Mascots International Presents Festivals Around the World for Miami Carnival 2017

One of my favorite Miami Carnival bands have launched for Miami Carnival.  Here are their professional pics and pics of some of the models at the actual launch.

Check out these links for more details on pricing and registration:

Mascotsinternational Website  


Mascots IG

I have played with them in the past and my experience have been wonderful.  I love how they have evolved with the costumes, in the past I could have seen a costume and say “that is a Mascot costume, lol” and they always used the typical red costume but now they are branching out with colors and I love it.

Good luck and I wish the Mascots team the best for Miami Carnival 2017.  Miami Carnival 2017 will be held on October 8th, btw.


Meli Mel

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