Kitchen Revamp

This month it is going to be 3 years since we are homeowners and man if I tell yall about the journey and the process to perfection that it has been going through.  I can now say that nothing is perfect if you poor eh or I should say on a budget.  There are many more things to update and even more revamping of the kitchen.  A few of you may know that our home was brand new (I have a thing about staying in old houses, ghosts in the wall and other people’s headaches are a few) (doh judge me) and really didn’t need much well no work at all or at least for another 5 years or so, but I just couldn’t deal with the kitchen the way it was.  Here are pics of the old kitchen before we moved in:



The below pics were after we moved in and with the appliances the builder provided:

Old Kitchen


Me in Kitchen

(excuse my messiness-I think I was changing things around here)

So good ole hubby had to oblige a girl and change up.  He did put his feet down and said if you changing these brand new appliances, you paying for it yourself cause nothing wrong with what we have!  Ah that man I married eh.  So I researched practically a whole year on what I wanted and every-time I saw a price difference I would write it down and compare.  The following year Thanksgiving there was a huge sale that I just couldn’t resist and bought all appliances that I wanted.

So for the whole revamp, we changed the appliances and changed the counter top from the standard crap the builders give to quartz as well as the back-splash.  We chose, well the hubby chose quartz because of its durability over time compared to granite.  Granite would also have to be sealed very frequently while with quartz that wasn’t a requirement.  For me it was just cheaper and there was a sale (I like cheap and I like a sale, lol).  We also repainted from the flat Navajo white to semi-gloss grayish-blueish color (can’t remember the actual name right now) on the walls and the ceilings were done in white. I say we because I helped in the repainting eh…I did some of the bottom part near the base-boards and near the ceiling in the kitchen….mighty husband did the rest and the back-splash.  The professionals did the counter-top and some installation of the appliances.




Updated Full View of Kitchen

Updated Kitchen

Side View of Kitchen

We replaced the bar stools as well, the first set we got from Walmart and they started breaking at the bottom so we just did a little switch-a-roo; those above were in the kabawe (hubby’s rum-shop).

My favorite features of the kitchen are the faucet and the fridge.


Kitchen Coolest Features

Here is why I like the faucet made by Delta:



The fridge is from Samsung and have an 8″ wi-fi enabled LCD that have the capabilities of connecting to your Samsung phone (one that I no longer have :)) and Xavi’s favorite part; Pandora.  You can literally play music right there and don’t have to turn on the big system.  The fridge has since been discontinued by Samsung and can’t be found anywhere locally.

So there you have it folks, my kitchen update…nothing but different paint, fixtures and appliances and it made the kitchen look so much different.  Would it stay so forever….ummmm give me 1-2 years to gather up some money and pester the Mr again :).  I have some ideas for another remodel just need to see the funds first.  Here are a list of the appliances (yeah I mixed and matched, cause I was going on what’s cheap and not being coordinated)  One regret I have though, I should have chosen smudge proof appliances…I swear I am cleaning the shine off these stainless steel appliances.

Fridge: Samsung 

Dishwasher: Whirlpool

Oven: Whirlpool

Microwave: LG

Bear in mind the prices shown now is not what was paid  for then (I am cheap, I tell yall).

Does it matter if all items are the same brand to yall?


Meli Mel




Hahaha. I am hearing him say it too. Lolol.

Looks really good though. I loooove the fridge. Amazing what some little changes can do.


Thanks Renz. You know he feisty self already….if we ever sell I taking my fridge lol. I love it that much.


I love the fridge and stove. Now you making miss my old kitchen in the Uk. Did it up and left the uk a year later….tears


Yeah I love the double oven, can bake cakes and other stuff at the same time. You lose storage at the bottom doh


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