Jounen Kweyol

October 27, 2015

Last Sunday St. Lucia and various places around the world where St. Lucians reside celebrated Jounen Kweyol (Creole Day).  The day was filled with festivities; local dishes and foods such as green fig and saltfish, accras and bakes.  In the past I have gone to some of the festivities here in South Florida and although I didn’t attend last year's own and from all accounts that I saw was very successful and well attended, I was looking forward to going to this year's own.

My post today is on the crying shame of the now defunct South Florida St. Lucia Association.  This year there were no Jounen Kweyol festivities here in South Florida unless someone did a little cooking at their home because there is no longer an association.  In a state as big as Florida with so many St. Lucians residing here how can there not be an association and if there is one, why should there be so much fighting down within it.

New York people had their Jounen Kweyol; check out their flyer



West Palm Beach is going to have theirs this coming Sunday:


So I want to know what happened to the South Florida St. Lucia Association…you guys were in existence last year, what is the problem now and where have you disappeared to????



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