Internet Bullying

My husband sent me a news article today of a 15-year-old girl from Tampa, Florida who committed suicide after some of her so-called friends shared a nude video of her online.  This really broke my heart although I did not know the child nor her family and all I thought to myself was I had to speak to my kids, especially my 2nd daughter who is 14 and is nothing like me or my oldest that will put someone right in their place if we feel we are being bothered.  Although I think she is the kind that is silent but can be deadly, I still felt the need to speak to her about what she should do if she feels that she is being bullied.

People say that kids these days are mean but honestly I feel that kids now are just the same as we were when growing up is just that now they have social media and the internet to help them and use as a means of bullying.  The internet shields most of them under that false cloak on anonymity, but like I said in one of my previous posts, IP addresses cannot be hidden and you can be found if you are bullying someone online.

Everyone, including the media wants to be the first to put some “news/gossip” out.  Some do it for the likes and the attention, and I personally feel that they know it would hurt the individual but they don’t care, they rather get the likes or shares to make their video/pics go viral.

Here is the news article of the poor little girl:

I mean after reading the article, please tell me why would someone do this to the child!  It is really sad that she had to take her life to end the bullying and saw that as the only way out.  Parents we have to speak to our kids and let them know it is okay to come and speak to us or their siblings if they have any.  I don’t know if speaking to her parents could have prevented her from committing suicide but I think it could have been a start.  We have to know our kids

May she sleep in peace and may her family find comfort in the ordeal.



Meli Mel

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