Ideas for school lunch

So this school year, we have decided to send the kids to school with lunch instead of them eating in the school.  Our main reason was more so that we can control what they eat.  Granted the school maybe providing somewhat healthy lunch even if the kids thinks that the food is nasty, we just felt that we wanted to have control of what our kids ate.

Two weeks into the school year already and I must say I feel a little happy that we did this.  We got a thermos and really insulated lunch bag for both of them.  At nights, I freeze the juice, small bottle of water and d’animals yogurt.  These stay cold until lunch-time for them, sometimes the water is cold until after school.

The hardest part of this though is variety; I have one child who will eat everything and the other who doesn’t.  So now I have them choosing what they want to eat.  The selection for the past 2 weeks has been chicken nuggets, chicken fries and mini corn dogs.  Every morning I bake a few for a couple of minutes and then put into the thermos.  They both said the food stays warm until lunchtime.  Their lunch also consists of some type of fruit, whether it is grapes or mandarin orange and some cookies.

My son has also said that if I can’t decide what to give them a day I can always give them left-overs from the night before….(he is a such a darling, cause Lord knows sometimes I doh know what to pack in there for them) 🙂

So for this week my mind is already in preparation mode, maybe I will do some cupcakes to add to the menu.  Yall can always share ideas with me too 🙂


Girl we’ve been cooking for Malik since he started pre-school. He loves tuna with spagetti or rice (also wants corn if it’s spagetti and spinach or corn with his rice). He loves sausages and chicken nuggets too. I also buy chicken breast and cube them. Some times I add some fried plantains to that. Potatoes also, mashed with a little butter for extra flavour, but he must have carrots with that (my child loves veges). But for a snack I always pack his yogurts, banana for the morning and some other fruit along with his juice, water and biscuits.


Heidi, J says tuna is cat food, lol so he will not go to school with that. I will try the chicken breast for sure. Mackie not a fan of veges but J will eat at times.


Mel – go to pinterest my friend pinned a site… I will see if I get the link for you. A mother did this for her son and she had some great healthy ideas.


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