Hot & Spicy by OPI

Last week I went on an OPI shopping haul.  Actually I went out looking for the last color I had on my nails and couldn’t find it so ended up buying a few other colors.  It was a busy week for me so after 5 days my polish was already peeling off and I hate that…so i took it off and decided to try Hot & Spicy on my own 🙁 (I will be paying someone to paint my nails after that eh).

Is like you can sit still and wait for your nails to dry when you are in a salon, but when you at home there is always something to do and you can’t sit still for a minute.  Anyway I applied the color pictured below:

This is the bottle, that I got for $7.99 (not bad pricing, IMO):

But after applying 2 coats of the polish and cleaning up the sides, making sure it was dried and all, I went to bed and got up with it all smudged up 🙁 .  I will bring the bottle to my lady for my next two weeks visit and compare.

Until then, happy painting, lol!








I love this colour!!!


of course you would Ms nail polish lover


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