February 18, 2015

Is it too late to say Happy New Year considering we are in February already…well I will still say it because this is my first post for the year….Yes I know shame on me.

So who has already forgotten that they made a New Year’s resolution or who still holding strong?  I didn’t make any so I am good.  A few of you already know that I have been missing in action because of too much on my plate, with the new baby and school, my mind was just drained.

Anyway, this past weekend, the family and I took a trip to Disney.  It truly was a magical experience, although I didn’t go on any rides (not my thing), the kids had loads of fun.

Here are a few photos that we had the time to take…having an 8 week old baby in tow is not very conducive to taking pics especially if he doesn’t want to be in a stroller.


wpid-img-20150216-wa0013.jpg wpid-img-20150216-wa0012.jpg






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