Happy mail, latest washi haul and spread for the week

So last week I went to Joann for a pickup for my daughter and of course I can’t come to a craft store and not browse (I mean who does that ūüôā )…anyhoo I found the below washi with a 40% off sticker (I’m in glee of course) only to find out that some select Michael’s had a better deal on their own washi tape for $10…bummer (mine wasn’t the selected Michael’s).

So of course I am excited to use my new tapes even if I have tapes that I haven’t used yet….this week spread was done using some of them…(without pen of course):

Now back to a story I heard about that brand of washi tape..in one of my FB groups, a young lady told me that she didn’t have good memories of it and it never stuck for her. ¬†When she told me that I had disposed of the tubing already, I grabbed them out the garbage so quick (paper was in the garbage not food, eh) because I will bring them back if that is true. ¬†Fast forward to Sunday I am preparing the spread and alas the ish not sticking right in truth, I literally had to hold and press down in every corner, which is why I have other stickers on the corners to hold it down….that sucks! ¬†So guess who is going to bring back Joann’s unused crappy washi tape (they need to take it off their damn shelf or the maker needs to put more adhesive….they are so pretty though. I will stick to my Recollection washi tape, they haven’t failed me yet.

If you remember, I said I ordered an Erin Condren planner, well it finally came yesterday. ¬†One tid-bit I will give you about her planners, they are custom made so if you are in a hurry for a planner, they are not the ones to go to, or you can get some off Amazon and these I don’t know what you are getting.

I got an Academic Planner to keep me on track with my studies and also for my teaching profession to keep track of students. ¬†Packaging is everything to me, so when I came home to see this beautiful box, I was already excited and couldn’t wait to open it.

There were also some thank you stickers in there.

Personalized Planner with my full name on it!

An inner look at the undated planner…I love it.

Would I buy another Erin Condren planner? Yes I would but only when it is on sale, I’m sorry but as much as I shop for craft supplies, I can’t see myself spending (based off how you customize) $73 for a planner.

How many of yall are planning to get a planner?


Meli Mel

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