Fuzion Mas Presents Phantos for St. Lucia Carnival 2024

As in true Fuzion Mas form, they have released all their official photos and are ready to transcend into new heights with their presentation called “Phantos”.

“Phantos” derives its name from the Greek word for ‘phantom’ or ‘vision,’ symbolizing the ethereal and mystical elements. My thoughts are this theme is a nod to the island’s rich folklore, filled with tales of mystical creatures and enchanting stories, infused with a modern twist that resonates with both locals and visitors alike.

Fuzion Mas, known for its innovative approach to carnival costumes and themes, has outdone itself with Phantos. The costumes are a kaleidoscope of colors, featuring iridescent fabrics, intricate beading, and feathers that mimic the hues of St. Lucia’s tropical flora and fauna. Each costume is a masterpiece, reflecting the island’s natural beauty and the vibrant spirit of its people.

Join us in St. Lucia for a carnival experience like no other. Come for the costumes and stay for the culture. Let Phantos be your guide to a world where every color tells a story, and every rhythm leads to dance. Welcome to St. Lucia Carnival 2024 – where the spirit of the Caribbean comes alive!

Visit their website (not sure if it has launched yet for more info)

Fuzion Mas


Meli Mel

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