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April 24, 2016

Although she is busy preparing for the upcoming season and also preparing for Soca Switch I had the pleasure of preparing this interview with the talented Sergie.



ML: Tell us about Sergie, when did you enter the musical field?

S: My name is Sergia Charles and I am from the beautiful community of Ti Rocher in Micoud. I began singing professionally about 5 years ago after I participated in and won the Piton Soca Starz competition in 2011.

ML: What was the driving force behind you being an artiste? Why did you choose soca?

S: I have always been a lover of soca music and growing up watching soca shows on television I always wanted to be part of it. But I definitely have to give praises to my cousin who always reminded me of how talented she thought I was and was the one who convinced me to take part in the Soca Starz competition.

ML: Who, if any of the older artiste influenced your musical style?

S: I have been most influenced by Saint Lucian artistes Teddyson John and Q-Pid.

ML: Who is your favorite musician?

S: I don’t think that I have a favorite musician. I appreciate all talent and enjoy everybody’s music in a different way.

ML: What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

S: I too was nervous when I started. Believe it or not I was a bit shy. But then I have overcome that because I feel I do what I love and what I have been waiting to do all my life. So to any talented people out there who may be a little nervous, I say you have to try to succeed. Why hide your talent, one that could bring joy to many people out there and make a difference in the world? Just be yourself and make it happen. Follow your dreams and reach for the stars.

ML: How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

S: When I make a mistake while performing I get disappointed yes but I stay humble and focused because I understand and have come to accept mistakes will happen. After all we are all human. I just aim to be better in my next performance.

ML: How often do you practice?

S: EVERYDAY. I listen to my music all the time and work constantly on what I will say and do when I perform because I want to be sure of what I’m about before I go on stage.

ML: Do you write your own music?

S: No I do not write my own music. I believe I will one day.

ML: What makes you decide what to sing/write about?

S: The audience for the most part because as an artiste you have to sing songs to always keep your fans happy and entertained.

ML: What can we expect for 2016?

S: More good music and great vibes like my new song “Rum & Iron”.

Stay tuned to Sergie’s page to follow her musical journey Sergie’s Facebook.  In the meantime check out this post I did of her new song  “Rum & Iron” earlier this month.



Good luck for this season and your musical journey Sergie!


Meli Mel



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