Family time is always the best time

This past 4th of July weekend was spent with family and a few friends and I must say it was noisy and quiet all at the same time. I also threw a surprise birthday party for my husband and although I tried to keep him away from the grill that was a very difficult thing to do.

My mom has been over for a few days now and OMG I can’t say thank you Lord anymore than I have already said it. ¬†Family is very important to me although sometimes family can drive you crazy but at the end of the day family is all you have when strangers are not around. ¬†When we have gatherings, we don’t have to invite anyone but family and that in itself is loudness and also fun.

If my neighbors didn’t know what roasted cashew nuts smelt like, I bet they learnt yesterday, lol…the whole back-yard was full of smoke and we had the kids breaking down the shells…they didn’t know what hit them when their saw how dirty their hands would get, lol.

I hope you guys all had a relaxing holiday and if there is anything I have learnt from this weekend, is to learn to appreciate what you have and your family.



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