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Happy Sunday yall, hope all is well and you are enjoying the first day of Spring.

Today I want to share this nice find I came across recently, I have always seen the ads on tv but never really tried it until Friday.  So far just from shopping online, I have received $36.14 in cash back.  I go through ebates.com and most of the places that I typically shop from are affiliated with ebates so that is a win-win for me.

How it works?  Of course you sign up and just for signing up you get $10 which you can choose to get through a Walmart gift card or cash-back bonus..(I did cash-back bonus).  Then look for the store you want to shop from and click their link and go from there. If you are not signed up with Pay-Pal, I would suggest that you do so you can get your cash back. Cash back is paid out four times a year.

Give it a try and let me know what you guys think.  Here is a referral code for anyone that is interested 🙂

Ebates Referral Link


Meli Mel



Heard it before but never tried it… but I think I will try it this time… a sistah looking for some extra $… even online work from home but shoppping to make extra $ SOUNDS great ..Thanks Mel


I will send you some links I have come across for work-at-home jobs.


I see the ad but not believed it worked,thanks Mel.


No problem and yes it does work.


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