Don’t be so negative!

I am not the one to talk about celebrities or to even be star-strucked.  To me they are just human beings like me and I eh making nobody feel they more important than I am. I met a celeb a few years back and at the time I just couldn’t put a name to his face.  He was just sitting in the mall, staring at me and I just said I know you and he smiled, then my phone rang and he told me why don’t you call me…to myself ok here goes another negro hitting on me and just smiled and walked off with him just staring and smiling.  It wasn’t until months later that I found out who he was and was like yup dais de dude I saw in the mall.  Goes to show that these celebrities are ordinary human beings walking around just like me.

But anyway this post isn’t so much about who I met and what not.  It is about the hatred I see on social media towards celebrities.  These people chose to share some of their precious and intimate moments with their fans and you see all the negativity being thrown at them.  If you don’t like the people and what they do, don’t click their links, or don’t follow them, it is simple as that.  Life is too short to be negative.

This weekend Kevin Hart (my almost son-in-law, in Charlie’s head) got married to Eniko Parrish and the hate that I am seeing had me like wow…people went as far as saying oh he is a sell-out for marrying a white woman….ummmm Eniko is as black as she can be….she is Jamaican, then the comments on no pre-nup….so if the man chose to have no pre-nup, what does that have to do with people…why can’t people just be happy for others.  I truly wish them the best and hope it all works out for them even though Kevin could have been my son-in-law 🙂



Another instance I saw of negativity today was on IG, with this family I follow on YouTube; Daily Davidsons, young, black married couple with 3 beautiful boys.  Recently, Tiffany, the wife did some surgery and she is getting some backlash on her IG for it.  This beautiful girl decided to share her and her family’s life with the public and I know some may say well she decided to put herself out there so she have to take what she get, but if you don’t like what she did or what she is doing, then unsubscribe to their channel or don’t follow her on IG….It is her body to do what she wants to do with it….She in turn blocked all the people that were giving her negativity on IG and I totally agreed with her.   Her IG btw is TiffanyDarlyn and their YouTube channel is Daily Davidsons.  Really nice young couple doing their thing with no drama like some other YouTubers I subscribe to.  Be warned though, they have some handsome young boys, so ladies hold on to your daughters if yall subscribe.

Daily Davidsons

For lack of a better term, I will say the internet is giving too many people big balls, if yall see these people face to face, no one would say shit to them but would sit behind their computer screen with a fake picture or no picture at all and spew out negativity.  At the end of the day, there is a log-off button, if you don’t like what you are seeing, do like me and get off at times, give it a break instead of saying something negative.

Have a blessed Monday all!


Meli Mel


Nowadays people feel they can talk anything behind the curtain of their screens. Unfortunately they choose to talk negative stuff. Hardly we see compliments going around. “Live and let live” has been forgotten


It sure has Smita, thanks for stopping by.


This is always an interesting discussion because celebrities (adults at least) mostly choose to put themselves in the public eye in a way that could be criticized. Why people choose to spread hate instead of love, however, always baffles me.

Maybe we need to start a compliment party as well as a comment party?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


There is nothing more shameful than waving your judgment stick of “Know it All” to folks, especially when you don’t know them from Adam or Eve. lol

I appreciate this article… and I am pretty sure my grandaughter that is coming is going to marry that little cutie pie in the mddle. What an adorable family.


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