Feature: Vanessa Celestine/iCandyBakedGoods

Although she was born in Brooklyn NY, I claiming her fully as St. Lucian lol :). Ms. Celestine's people are right there from the CDC and I must say they are a talented bunch, from Anthony "Corky" the dancer, to Mario the pilot and Jeffrey Gamble the photographer, even to my Charlie the budding artist.  My Feature today though is on Vanessa and her skills in the kitchen, which she calls Food Porn on her Facebook page. ML: When did you know…

Feature: Lucian Locs

Some people have said that FB is the devil, granted sometimes I say it myself too, but FB has given me an outlet to meet and reconcile with long lost friends and unknown relatives.  This feature today is on my good friend Melanie Rosemin from Primary School days that I reconciled with through FB who currently resides in the Atlanta area.  She is a natural beauty and also does natural hair.  Her business is called Lucian Locs. ML: Tell me…

Feature: On the Menu St. Lucia

My high school classmate and husband recently started out this informative and wonderful website, which features and celebrates St. Lucia cuisine.  The website was created for food lovers and enthusiasts to sample our cuisine.  It offers traditional, authentic and modern St. Lucian recipes. Take a look at their website and like their Facebook Page. http://otmslu.wix.com/onthemenu http://www.facebook.com/pages/On-the-Menu-St-Lucia/330528817000659 Enjoy and don’t blame me if yall mouth’s start watering, I know mine is :) Good Job C and hubby!