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2019 St. Lucia Carnival Queen Contestants

Carnival activities are in full swing in St. Lucia and these beautiful ladies are in prep mode for the Carnival Queen Contest which will be held on Friday July 5th from 8pm at the Ramp, Rodney Bay. Thaka Wooding Jeanneal Fontenelle Justinian Charles Wenia Verneuil Timiqua Deterville Arisa Denis Shirliana Lamontagne I have picked my winner already, I will see if I am correct come July 5th. Who do you think would take the crown? Visit the Events St. Lucia…

The Collective Mas for Miami Carnival 2019

This Sunday past (6/9/2019), South Florida Band Leaders Association had a showcase of some of the bands that will be at Miami Broward One Carnival on Sunday October 13th, 2019.  This week I will be featuring some of the bands through video and later on there maybe full featured videos of band launchings (don't quote me too much on that one, I will try to attend as many as I can). My first featured band is The Collective Mas out…

Victoria’s Secret has bumped their head

So in the past months, there has been news that Victoria's Secret has been going down a spiral trend and are looking to close some stores.  Not sure what is hurting them and honestly I don't care but if yall are trying to cater to ladies, yall should have at least make things affordable to us or even give us good quality. Take a look at some of the newer panties or bras that they are making, the quality is…

Lupus Awareness Day 2019

This post is for everyone who suffers from this disease but most importantly for the few women I have in my life that embodies the word WARRIOR!  They have and are still fighting LUPUS and through God's grace I know that they will persevere. Read more about some of my warriors here: xoxoxo Meli Mel