A very good way to store kitchen towels

Today I was a bit idle..to my family that is not a good thing because I throw anything in my sight that I feel have been laying around for no reason.  So instead of having a household being upset at me (not like I care, lol) I decided to sort through my kitchen towel drawers.  If you guys are like me and have alot of towels then you would know my pain.  The drawer was always difficult to close because it was so stuffed.  I blame Lennar for not putting some deeper drawers eh!

But this is how my drawer looked before:



So I fold the towels in half lengthwise and roll them rather than fold them.  It looks neater and gives you more space to put alot more.



I now have 15 towels in one drawer and the drawers opens and close with ease.

So ladies and gents go roll up those towels and thank me later 🙂


Meli Mel


Awesome will have to try this


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