Review of Miami Broward One Carnival with pics

October 17, 2017

This was my first time in a very long time being on the other side of the fence in regards to Miami Carnival and honestly felt no way in being a spectator.  Many people were surprised that I was a spectator at Miami Carnival but the ends just don't justify the means for me and I rather support them by being a spectator instead of a reveler.  It was an extremely beautiful day and despite the early weather forecast of rain it remained beautiful if not extremely hot.  This was also my first time in this park for the parade, I have been there when we have our county fair so I was very curious to see what the logistics would be like considering I have heard many complaints from revelers and non-revelers.  A fence was erected as you can see in most of the pictures which made it difficult to take pictures as a spectator (looks like next year we will have to look for a media pass).  Most people seem to not like the fence and I can see from both aspects of it; revelers should be able to enjoy themselves without stormers coming through and the spectators should be able to see the people without feeling like dem in jail.  At the end of the day I think most people enjoyed themselves and the people who complained most about the fence were the potential stormers (next year pay yall money and go jump in a band then).

Miami Broward Carnival need to do a better job at public relations.  We met a group of young ladies who were all decked up in costumes, so we wanted to know what band they were in, turns out they weren't in any band and travelled from DC thinking that everyone was dressed in costumes only to find out that is not so…Some bought their costumes online and others made their costumes, so they were a bit disappointed when they saw that they couldn't join the festivities.  They never knew of Miami Broward One's website to inquire about joining a band or getting more info.  I think they have learnt for next time doh.

Anyway enuff of my talking and enjoy the pics courtesy of my personal photographer, meh hubby 🙂

Oh, btw St. Lucia music was popping, yall need to continue with what yall doing, some bands were a bit disappointing with their selection of music to cross the stage…I mean come on, we in 2017 and yall still crossing the stage to 5 year old or so music…steups. We left before the carnival was over because it was just too stinking hot but based off my people's review, they had a good time and enjoyed themselves.  Miami Carnival committee do have slight logistics to work out to make this truly the best North America Carnival (but wait, it is the best, I mean what N. America carnival ending at 11 pm or so) and oh that entry fee..jesus $35 and we still have to buy food too, then a bottled water was $4; dais a case of BJ's water for that price oui.

Ok I done for real, enjoy the pics 🙂


Miami-Broward One Carnival 2017

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