Beauty Tidbits


New Color Alert: Deep Mystery

So I am trying something dark this time around...I really wanted black though but chose this one...looks kinda grayish.  Color is of course by DND and it was called Deep Mystery, the color is No. 460. Can't wait to see it in the daylight because the pictures don't do it justice at all. xoxoxo Meli Mel                  

New Color Alert for Easter

Happy Good Friday all, Check out my new Easter/Spring color....I have really been stepping out the box with colors lately.  I used to be a french manicure or cappuccino kind of girl now I am getting colors and all kinds too...go figure :) Anyway my color this time is called Havin Cabbler by DND.  This color was like my last color, at first application I was like ummm, but after 2 coats it looks amazing; it also looked very fluorescent…

Spring Alert–new nail color

Although officially Spring begins March 20th, but the time is changing this weekend and we are springing forward... which means that Spring starts this weekend for me eh. To commemorate my beginning of Spring check out my new nail color by DND.  It is called Air of Mint.  This is definitely a 2 or 3 coat application; the first coat was like ummmm nope not feeling it, when he put the 2nd coat, I was like okay now that is…

New Nail Color

Hey yall, I haven't made a post about nail color in a while.  I normally use Essie or OPI but this time decided to try a new brand called DND.  Supposedly it lasts longer, 21 days they let me see how true that is. The color is called Fiery Flamingo and it is No. 454 just in case you guys want to try it and it is available in your nail place. The bottle I am holding is the…