Beauty Tidbits


Returning to Natural Nails After Gel Powder Overlay

Over the past few months, I have been getting my nails done with gel powder and recently I decided to give my nails a break and take them off.  Let me just say that if I wasn't a strong individual I would tell the technician just put it back.  My nails were and are still in a mess! So I sat in this guy chair and said I want to soak them off, he goes why, I said I need…

Eyelash Extensions Horror Story

So last year I got my eyelash extensions done by Planet Stilettobeauty and I loved it.  I felt more radiant and personally I felt that I didn't even have to put on makeup, the eyelashes just made my face pop.  So this year I decided I wanted to do it again but waited till last minute (yeah, I procrastinated) and tried to book the fabulous diva Andra, to no avail.....she was booked. (2015 Novalashes by Andra of Planet Stiletto Beauty)…

New Color Alert: Ferrari Red

My color for this Memorial Day weekend is by DND (of course) called Ferrari Red...I wanted a more reddish look though, in the pics below it looks red but to me in person it has an orange undertone....I still like it but I was feeling a little naughty and red screams naughty and sexy at the same time. Hope you guys have a restful Memorial Day...doh fete or drink too much.. xoxoxo Meli Mel